Working at Smith Power is so much more than a job. It’s a fulfilling career in an industry that makes a difference in the lives of millions of people. That’s right, millions (including you, your family and your friends). Not many companies offer that kind of opportunity. Not many people get to go home every night being able to say that. It’s a big responsibility. It’s an amazing opportunity. And often it’s a lot of fun, too.


By taking accountability through a robust goal-setting process and connections to the company growth strategy, we can help you be proactive in your aspirations and prosperous in your actions. At AGCO, you create your own career.


Networking. Special assignments. Challenging workshops. Online learning. And much, much more. There are so many opportunities to be who you want to be and continually take your career to the next level.


Hard work should never go unnoticed. Around here, no job is more important than any other. We all serve an important purpose. To that end, we embrace a philosophy of competitive pay and benefits across all disciplines in our company. Simply put: When you do well, we believe you should be rewarded for it.


Recognizing the demands of work and life, we’re dedicated to providing programs that strengthen bodies, sharpen minds and promote balance. It’s about wellness, however you define it, while you’re within our four walls and beyond.


Sustainability. Charitable endeavors. Community involvement. As individuals and as a company, we have an amazing opportunity to be charitable in so many ways. Giving back not only does good, it feels pretty darn good, too.


That’s not simply a slogan. It’s something we practice each and every day. Through six core stages of development, we assist and guide our employees on a path of continuous growth, self-awareness, communication and reward. Join us and help our company be even greater. We have the technology, the expertise and the equipment the world looks to. We built a tremendous amount of momentum. And by adding to our already amazing group of people, you can help us continue to collaborate, innovate and shape agriculture and make a difference.

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Contact us for more information about current job openings. Please send an email to or call 011 284 2000.